Tuesday, 11 May 2010


After finishing my newspaper product and supporting ancillary texts, I wanted to finalise my project by gathering a series of Audience Feedback to make sure that all three pieces followed the suitable conventions of current ones.

The Feedback is as follows: (thefeedback was gathered from a selection of random people who were neither teachers nor peers of mine to in order to ensure that the feedback I recieved was not bias).


- "The newspaper for me is a tricky one. It handles all of the conventions of current newspaper products, and it clearly well thought about. However, the images are quite dark and pixelated; maybe you could change these? The advert is a bit hit and miss also as it doesn't look very professional. Apart from that, it's a very well put together and generally conventional newspaper."
- "The images you've got are good, but not brilliant. I like the font and the layout as a whole, it looks very professional."

This series of constructive criticism was enough to help me edit my product for the final time. Although my images were indeed valid, I had to agree that the quality was somewhat lacking.

I worked on this by using my digital SLR camera with multiple mega pixel quality; this not only gave me a sharper image, but a clearer and more professional one. I changed most of the images on the front page, and even changed the advertisement. Although I liked the DogsTrust concept, it had no real relation to Harrogate or the Harrogate area. Instead, I created an advertisement based on a recently opened Flower Shop, used to support the greenery and well known flower shows of Harrogate. The colours in this image also seem to brighten up the bottom half of my newspaper.


- "The text doesn't really match the images and it doesn't seem to sell the newspaper very well."
- "Although the newspaper is visually pleasing, there's no real clarity in the sense that the images support the seasons of Harrogate and the slogan talks about Harrogate's greenery and there's no mention of a newspaper? Nice images though."
- "I can see your idea but it hasn't really worked."

After this feedback from my poster, I realised that I had made the right choice when asking for additional feedback. My target audience felt that my poster was a little off course and didn't seem to make much sense. I then completely re-directed the poster and sold the newspaper from a "value" perspective. I advertised the great value for money aspect by claiming that my newspaper was cheaper than others on the market. I also used my SLR once again to capture a clear image; this image being of 75p to support the text on the poster.


- "I love the scrolling text and the hyperlinked images. I can the similarities between your website and other newspaper-advertising ones. Images could be a little better though?"

All of the feedback gathered above, helped me to create successful products.