Monday, 30 November 2009


After creating the second page of my newspaper, I wanted to gather a series of audience feedback in order to improve on my piece; the constructive criticism given could possibly help me to create a better piece overall, just like I did with my front page.

Below is a list of feedback I gathered:

- "I love the advert and the other images on this page"
- "There are so many articles and I think this page is very conventional"
- "The advertisment towards the bottom right hand corner of the page is really good. I also think that the quality of the rest of the images is brilliant"
- "the Index towards the top of the page needs to be bigger"
- "I really like this page. It seems stronger than your first page at the moment. You need to get your images sorted altogether and the piece will be sucessful"

There is no significant changes I need to make to this page, however, I need to make the font of the Index section bigger and possibly add another image to the Driving Ban article.

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