Monday, 2 November 2009


The screen shots featured illustrate the drafting process when beginning to create my front page:

Here is a screen shot of the first stage of my newspaper front page. I began placing text boxes on the page to get an idea of the initial layout. The text box tool can be seen in the tool bar from Microsoft Word and is an easy application to use. After this stage, I then began to figure out where all of my news stories could potentially go, so I inserted the titles from each of my stories into the text boxes. I have also began to maintain a sufficient house style as I have used the colour green throughout the front page; I felt that the colour green could also compliment the greenery of Harrogate, and the well known Harrogate Flower shows.

This stage of my front page contains the following newspaper conventions so far:

- Cover lines
- Header
- Large Masthead
- Colour - house style
- Puns (e.g. Adjudicator "RULES" Admissions Unfair and The "MOUNT" On Cheltenham)
- Borders
- References to page numbers (e.g. "see page...")
- Large font for main article and masthead

Here is the second stage of drafting my newspaper front page. I began to insert my newspaper articles as well as understand where my images initially need to be. This process helps, as you can see visually whether certain articles fit into the text boxes or whether the layout must be changed. All of the articles included in my newspaper can be viewed in the previous blog: articles.

This stage of my front page contains other newspaper conventions so far, such as:

- Articles which include typical newspaper language (which will be dicussed further on in the blog
- Inserted an "online" column

This screen shot shows a more complteted stage of the newspaper; where I have inserted my news stories and began inserting the images to support the text. I have also included an "online" section which appears to be conventional in all ultralocal newspapers. By doing this, the buyer can then refer to the online page if they cannot access the paper itself. I have also inserted a picture box for where my advertisements will go, and a barcode which lies beneath a "recycled newspaper" logo. All ultralocal newspaper also include this recycling logo, in order to try and help the environment in saving paper resources. The grey text boxes to the left of the barcode include two other newspaper stories based on crime. These are grey, as they are added fillers which are also evident in other newspapers.

This stage of my front page contains the added newspaper conventions so far:

- Grey texts boxes for fillers
- Images to support text
- Barcode
- Recyling logo
- Space for advertisements

Here, I have inserted cover lines into the header of the newspaper, and I have also supported these with images. In my opinion, the images shown here are weak, and so are temporary, as I need to experiment with my photography a little more (for more information, see the next post: manipulation of images. i have also inserted a ....... which includes the price, website and date of the newspaper. I have done the following as these are typical newspaper conventions, and even the thicker border around the main article mirrors typical ultralocal newspaper conventions. Visually, the images and possibly the layout itself could be tweaked, but I would like some audience feedback on the final piece before re-doing certain aspects of the front page.

This screen shot shows the column to the right of my newspaper. It includes a section featuring key stories which are included inside the newspaper. All three images were taken from a mobile device, however, the poor quality weakens the overall effect. These smaller images need to be redone with a mega pixel camera in order to give the newspaper a professional look. Below these images, I have included page references and captions so that the audience is aware of what's happening and what the images are about.
Again, the borders around the main article can be seen here which is a main convention in ultralocal newspapers.

This screen shot involves my advertisement. I have used an original photograph taken from my photograph course to support the greenery of Harrogate. Although the advert itself markets a photography based campaign, the actual image itself is captured in Harrogate and compliments the consistent green influence in my newspaper.

Here is a screen shot of my final piece. I now need to gather a series of audience feedback in order to improve on anything which could influence the sale of the newspaper.

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